08 November 2011

Shots I Wish I'd Taken: Namibian Trees (Lanting)

You may have seen this one... Franz Lanting's image of camel thorn trees circulated around* the internet earlier this year.

One of the amazing things about this shot is that it is not a fake. Though it reminds me of a painting you might get if Gauguin were crossed with Matisse and the resulting artist decided to paint a landscape, this is a straight-up, brilliantly composed, photo. Plus, it's trees!
Camel Thorn Trees, Franz Lanting, National Geographic (June 2011)

- o - o -

* Is "circulating around" a redundant phrase?


  1. I don't understand how it can be a photo? What's the yellow floaty stuff? Why is the sky orange? why are the trees twisty? IT'S NOT REAAALLLLLL!

  2. Looks like a cartoon, right? Or a painting? Well, the orange stuff is the sun shining on a sand dune, and the floaty stuff are rocks in the dune. The camel thorn trees (look them up) are still in the shade in this shot. It's reaaaallll. :-)

    Amazing, right?

  3. I absolutely do not believe this. I can't wrap my head around it!- Maddie